Vassilis Konstantinou

Vassilis Konstantinou was born in 1979 in Athens where he currently lives. He studied Physical Education and Sport Science in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Photography and Audiovisual Arts in University of West Attica (Athens). His involvement with photography started in 2007. Since then he has attended the following seminars conducted by Platon Rivellis “Introduction to Art Photography” (annual), “Photography Critique” and “Portfolio Critique”. In 2021 he completed his first short film which is titled ''Medea''.


Group exhibitions:

 July, 2012: ''Greek Photographic forms'', 1st International  Biennale of Santorini (Santorini)

 May, 2014:  ''The Seas'' , Gallery Box (Athens)

 February,2018:  ''Selfimages'' , participation with ''Family Frames'' project , Museum of Photography (Thessaloniki)

 September,2020:  ''Stalk Me'', Photometria International Photography Festival (Ioannina).

 October,2020: ''Balkans Today'' ,participation with Southern Province project,Balkan Can Kino (Athens). 

 May,2023 : Participation with ''Eros and Thanatos'' project at Fringe Bath Art Festival (Bath,England).

 April,2024: Participation at the exhibition  ''Woman Portraits'' at Kaffemitte Gallery (Berlin).

 September,2024: ''Figures 2024''  Participation with ''Zen Whispers in the Wasteland'',  Museum of Contemporary Art (CICA) (North Korea) Upcoming.


Solo Exhibitions:

January,2021: ''Family Frames'' at, Space Place Gallery (Nizhny Tagil,Russia).

June 2021 : ''Pregnant Pauses'' at  International Photoszene Festival (Cologne,Germany).

September 2021:''Pregnant Pauses'' at International Photometria Festival (Ioannina,Greece) 

December 2022: ''Eros and Thanatos'' at ''Elea'' (Cologne,Germany)

December  2022: ''Eros and Thanatos'' at ''KURASANIT'' (Weißenthurm,Germany) 

June 2023: ''Eros and Thanatos'' at Melanythros Gallery (Athens,Greece).

August 2023: ''Eros and Thanatos'' at ''KAFFEMITTE'' Gallery (Berlin,Germany).


Awards for ''Medea'' Short Film :

October  2021: Swedish International Film Festival,Best student film (Arvika,Sweden).

July 2021: Mannheim Arts and Film Festival,Best Director of Short Film (Germany).

June 2022: Lacorne International Film Festival,Best Drama Short Film (Paris,France).