Vassilis Konstantinou

Eros and Thanatos

In his book ''Beyond the Pleasure Principle'', Sigmund Freud stated that human instincts are determined by two opposing forces: Life and Death. This theory not only is deeply rooted in the Greek mythology, but it has association with the Greek tragedy as well. The two contrasting forces are Eros, being the God of love and fertility thus equated to life. Where as Thanatos is the God of death. 

 In his photography project Vassilis Konstantinou reveals to the viewer his fascination by these two forces. He questions their nature and their impact on human drives.

Through a series of ambiguous pictures, he attempts to interpret this relationship between Eros and Thanatos; Are they infinitely struggling? Is it not the human internal drive to seek fusing the two forces? Is there a moment when Eros and Thanatos merge into one another to deliver a joyful culmination? If this is the case, is it not at this specific instance that one approaches both Eros and Thanatos in their exuberant quest to plant the seed of life?